How to Integrate Social Media to Your Marketing Plan
Part 1 of a five part series

An increasingly popular growth strategy is to engage in social media marketing. For many businesses, there is confusion on how to do so effectively. The most common complaint I hear is “I don’t have the resources or knowledge to do social media.” Fueling that complaint is the belief that social media is an isolated marketing tactic…it’s not!

Your social media tactics should be part of your marketing plan, which should be in support of your business
objectives. Another way of putting it, your “inbound marketing” (social media, search engine optimization and
blogging) must be linked to your “outbound marketing” (advertising, publicity and sales), to achieve a synergistic effect.

Like it or not, social networking is here to stay. The platform and channels will evolve, but it has legitimate
business applications…incorporating social media makes good business sense. Here is a three step overview on how to integrate social media into your current marketing mix.

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