How to Integrate Social Media to Your Marketing Plan
Part 5 of a 5 part series

In addition to these three steps, there are two important rules of social media marketing. First, track your results and responses. It’s nearly impossible to optimize any marketing stimulus without tracking results. Also, social media is about a conversation, so you should reply to postings and responses.

The second rule is to assign a social media champion in your organization. You wouldn’t launch an outbound marketing initiative without a person assigned…the same goes for inbound marketing. Generating results from social media marketing requires a long-term commitment.

Our Technology Director, Dan Byrd, says, “Social media marketing is like planting a garden…it doesn’t bear fruit immediately. You have to sow the seeds and cultivate the garden for an extended period before reaping the harvest.”

Don’t isolate, integrate social media into your existing marketing plan, long-term, to grow your business.

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