Extreme Brand Makeover

In this case, we changed everything about the corporate brand identity other than the name of the company. Our research showed that our client had positive brand equity in the name and reputation. To read the case study, scroll past the last image below.


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Case Study

There was no consistency in look, feel and voice among the various branded materials. In addition, the logo was very antiquated and a poor representation of the preferred brand image.

We began our client’s brand makeover by creating a new brand platform (promise, personality, essence and attributes) and logo. We wanted to preserve the brand icon customers were familiar with, so we updated it to a more professional and positive image.

Specifically, we removed the chemical spray can and gave their mascot a happy demeanor, e.g. we turned the tail upward, gave him a smile and an enthusiastic (more approachable) expression. In addition, we humanized the mascot with clothing and refreshed the brand color palette.

With the new brand personality and logo in place, we developed a stronger value proposition with a competitively distinct offering and call-to-action.

We concluded the brand makeover by redoing all of the materials to meet the new brand standards and coordinated the imaging and messaging. In addition, we created two videos for the website that rotate seasonally.

Results of the “extreme brand makeover” include a more positive consumer brand impression/image, a more competitive market position and incremental increases in sales.

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