MAP System™

Vision + Insight + Innovation = Breakthrough Growth™

Formula Definition: Vision is knowing where you are going. Insight involves gathering the market intelligence necessary to get you there. Innovation is what you do to distinguish your brand as the leader in your market space. Add them together and you can achieve Breakthrough Growth.

Before launching Marketing Solutions in 1997, our founder, Andrew Ballard, began formulating our Market Analysis Positioning System™ (MAP System™). This proprietary system is proven effective at generating Breakthrough Growth.

The MAP System™ is a sequential, research-based process that incorporates business and market analyses to reveal and validate the most effective revenue acceleration strategies. At its core is an engine that aligns internal business conditions with external market conditions to output customized client Growth Program Strategies (GPS).

MAP System™ Model

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Andrew’s book, entitled Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter, details the eight-steps in his MAP System™ as a straightforward “how-to” guide. This revolutionary book has been endorsed as “innovative and insightful” in both corporate and academic circles. Learn more

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